May We Meet Again, Winter

Kiss me with your breeze, hug me with your
bright fire and dancing stockings on the wall.

Tease me with your fine bristles of fir,
taunt me with your candle lit halls.

Wrap me in your fancy ribbons,
decorate me in your glass ornaments

that reflect our lips stumbling

upon each other like flames in crystals
desires stirred in a whirlwind of smoldered

hushed lust that is painted in fiery embers
that are settled with the fresh snow falling.

To be in your arms once more in winter,
I could breathe in powdered frozen glitter.


Why is Your Shadow Bright

Why do I feel warmth in your wake?
Why does your darkness make my fingers

glow as I reach for your hand on the pavement?
Is it because you finally found your peace?

Or maybe that your courage was too strong
to completely fade so you linger here with me?

May I hide under the shade of your wing?
I won’t let the feathers touch the ground.

I promise never to leave you;
I will always look toward that gleam in the sky.


I find it sad to admit
that some people don’t
want to see you succeed.

They’d rather be by your
side and laugh along with —
let’s be honest at —
you when you’re a mess

because they don’t believe
you to be a threat at all.

It’s rarer that you find
friends who support you
through triumphs and then
who aren’t just sucking up.


Sometimes your mind
is too concentrated
with ideas and emotion

too congested to concoct
any inspiration, any spark
of comprehensible words.

You feel too much
love, too little
happiness, and varying
amounts of sorrow.

Unsure of which to attend
to first, you subdue them
all and float through life.

You’ll never know
the warmth
of a cloudless sky.

When Thoughts Flee

Close those lids of yours,
seal ’em good and tight.
It won’t be too long now.

My restful head is empty
ready for you to return
and fill me full of bliss

because not one ailment
is buried in our brains
when our minds meet in sleep.

I’ll see you in that place
where our dreams morph,
our thoughts flee,

and goodbye has no meaning.