The Road Home is Paved With Shells

Silk sands ripple through my toes
like smooth ribbons thoughtfully

weaving around an ornate corsage.
There’s a comfort in the dense

and salty wind that beckons
hair away from the shoulders —

the tide as it slowly wages in
and bubbles as it leaves.

I pick up a shell where
I can hear the whispers of home.

Take me back please,
take me back to the sea.



Step down from your steed
birthed from your self-worth
of self-acclaimed victories–

your popularity,
your riches in looks and money,
your average brain and mediocre

marriage — that you remain
completely unaware of a life
of freedom and peace —

too busy passing inaccurate
judgements upon others.
You must keep them beneath you

There is no right way
to live and breathe — so
long as you cause no harm

to any creature
existing on this earth.
You are not the center

of the universe — not everything
is revolved and relied on you.
Enjoy your life

bounded by ignorance and misery.

Lost in Dream

I revel in unmeasurable pleasure
of your brain and touch —

that’s where my mind is fond of drifting.
As soon as you relieve my hunger,

you feed my desire to be with you
at least once more.

I didn’t know that a dream
such as this was possible

until our lips grazed
each other for the first time.

I will love you —

for as long as I can.