Thoughts By Me

A great work of art not only creates a sense of catharsis for the audience but also the creator. We may all be different individuals with unique stories, but we share the same sky — the same clouds. Our stories are one. There is not a single individual who doesn’t have room to grow.


With My Own Two Feet

Forget walking on water, I coast
cloud to cloud ’cause I’m chasing
my dreams knocking on the door
of the man in the moon but nobody
is home so I create my own stars
since I’m bursting at the seams

because the fantasy isn’t going
to write itself; my pen is ready
in hand everything is permanent —
no erasing, no do overs
the past is done.

I don’t touch the ground
because gravity no longer holds
me down I’m too busy painting
the skies, decorating my destiny
concocting clouds with my own
two feet