The Waiting Game

The sand starts falling —
gradually — as if life
halted for a duck to cross
the street.

Whether it is inhaling
before walking down
the aisle, attempting
to stall your panic
at a hospital reception desk,
or sitting by the phone
for promotion or job oppurtunity,

the moment comes
and stutters —
taunts its victim
and spins them mercilessly
in a web of anticipation.

When time finally moves,
I hope you have the strength,
preperation, and determentation
to seize your goals by the reigns

and charge toward the sky.



Step down from your steed
birthed from your self-worth
of self-acclaimed victories–

your popularity,
your riches in looks and money,
your average brain and mediocre

marriage — that you remain
completely unaware of a life
of freedom and peace —

too busy passing inaccurate
judgements upon others.
You must keep them beneath you

There is no right way
to live and breathe — so
long as you cause no harm

to any creature
existing on this earth.
You are not the center

of the universe — not everything
is revolved and relied on you.
Enjoy your life

bounded by ignorance and misery.


I find it sad to admit
that some people don’t
want to see you succeed.

They’d rather be by your
side and laugh along with —
let’s be honest at —
you when you’re a mess

because they don’t believe
you to be a threat at all.

It’s rarer that you find
friends who support you
through triumphs and then
who aren’t just sucking up.


Sometimes your mind
is too concentrated
with ideas and emotion

too congested to concoct
any inspiration, any spark
of comprehensible words.

You feel too much
love, too little
happiness, and varying
amounts of sorrow.

Unsure of which to attend
to first, you subdue them
all and float through life.

You’ll never know
the warmth
of a cloudless sky.

Chasing Invisible Footsteps

Hypnotized by raindrops
on the pavement above
you fell lower than lowest.

A staircase of lost jewels
created as you toppled from your throne
and crown of mud formed on your head.

You attempt to climb
back to a kingdom
that no longer recognizes you,

but you’re too full of pride
to recognize they’ve moved on
the rubies and diamonds cut —

separate you from the surface —
you weren’t meant to return.

The signs you are digging for
they will lead you to nothing
but a hallway of darkness

each room painted in disappointment.

Artificial Love

Dazed sugar eagerly dusts a raindrop
desires to make snow – a delicate
calculated little concoction of crystals –
and call it family. Though it’s swallowed
dissolved, dispersed, and diluted
through the water, unsure of what
it once was. Still, it leaves
a sweet taste on the tongue.