To Be Free

“You feel so much.You always get knocked down, but still you embrace everything with your arms spread wide — each emotion painted on your delicate face. That’s what makes you alive. I wish I was that brave. You’re so beautiful, and I am so numb.”

Rose Gold 2015


The physical heart can heal; the figurative can’t. 


I want to go to that place
where love and lust are blurred

when our shadows are one
amidst the mosaic of soft ambers

and ochres of burning candles
ignited from our embrace.

It’s beautiful because it’s passion —
it’s honest because it’s untamed.

It’s lovely because it’s love.

Lost in Dream

I revel in unmeasurable pleasure
of your brain and touch —

that’s where my mind is fond of drifting.
As soon as you relieve my hunger,

you feed my desire to be with you
at least once more.

I didn’t know that a dream
such as this was possible

until our lips grazed
each other for the first time.

I will love you —

for as long as I can.

May We Meet Again, Winter

Kiss me with your breeze, hug me with your
bright fire and dancing stockings on the wall.

Tease me with your fine bristles of fir,
taunt me with your candle lit halls.

Wrap me in your fancy ribbons,
decorate me in your glass ornaments

that reflect our lips stumbling

upon each other like flames in crystals
desires stirred in a whirlwind of smoldered

hushed lust that is painted in fiery embers
that are settled with the fresh snow falling.

To be in your arms once more in winter,
I could breathe in powdered frozen glitter.

If You Can’t Tell, I Miss You

You’ve inflicted me with writer’s
block for I can think of nothing

but your fingertips as they fall
on my skin as inquisitive as lost petals,

or the days when our blankets
tossed themselves to the floor

because we didn’t want the slightest
obstacle in the way of our affection.

You have cursed my pen and my soul. You
have full reign over my verse and sleep,

but I wouldn’t have it any other way
because your lips in my hands —

that’s where you’ll stay.